Add Tours & Activities

How can I add a tour and/or activity? 

To add an item you need to log in to your account or a create an account. Then click the 'Add' button in the top right corner of the menu bar next to your name. 

Here you can select a package to add your item. After this, you complete all the steps that are indicated. Finally, you check your data and you can publish your item on the platform. 

How does the reservation system work?

Once you've added a tour or activity and it's approved, it's live for guest booking. You decide which dates are available to be booked, how many guests can join and of course the associated rates. 

After a guest has placed a reservation on the platform, you will immediately receive an email with the request to approve the reservation within 48 hours. Once approved, the guest will receive a confirmation and the guest can make the required deposit. For tours and activities, the deposit is 10% of the reservation. The remaining amount (90%) must be paid by the guest on location. When placing the tour or activity, you can indicate how the guest can pay on location.

When the deposit is received, the reservation is final. The guest will receive an email with all the necessary information.

What are the possibilities?

– Price per guest or total price

You can indicate whether the base price is for the total number of guests for the tour / activity or whether the price is per guest.

– Decide how many guests can book

Specify the maximum number of guests who can make reservations for the same booking.

– Composite group or private  

Indicate whether the tour/activity consists of a composite or a private group.

– Add extra options and/or costs

You can access the tours / activities add extra options. Think of optional pick-up and delivery service, food and drinks, etc. 

What are the costs?

Posting a tour / activity is completely free and you can offer up to 10 different tours / activities.

When you offer your tours / activities on the platform, the guests have to pay 10% online per reservation. This deposit is also equal to the commission paid by the provider. The remaining 90% will be settled directly at your location.

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