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Multiple accounts

Can I have multiple accounts? #

It may be that as a provider of items you prefer to have multiple accounts, but this is not allowed. The moment you have multiple accounts, you will receive a request to close the duplicate account so that you remain with one account.

I have two accounts, can I merge them? #

It is not possible to merge two accounts automatically. Also, no data or reservations can be transferred between accounts. We recommend that you choose your preferred account and deactivate the other account.

When you deactivate an account, the reservations you have made or accepted as a guest or provider with that account are automatically cancelled. Therefore, wait with deactivating your second account until those reservations have been completed.

Find more information about it here deactivate or delete an account.

As a provider, can I also make reservations as a guest? #

Ja, het is als aanbieder is het ook mogelijk om een reservering te doen als gast. Je hoeft hiervoor niet te wisselen naar een gastaccount. Je kunt dus gewoon reserveren bij andere aanbieders.