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Add locations & stores

How can I add a location / store? #

To add an item you need to log in to your account or a create an account. Then click on the 'Add' button at the top right of the menu bar.

Kies ‘Locaties & Winkels’:

After this you complete all the steps that are indicated. Finally, you check all your data and you can publish the item.

What are the possibilities? #

Contact details #

Post your contact and address details at your location / store. This way guests can easily reach you.

Add price lists #

You can add your complete price lists to the item or choose to place a link to a price list on, for example, your own website.

What are the costs? #

Placing a location / store is completely free!

Do you want multiple locations to add? Then you can select the paid package 'Extra locations' for a maximum of 5 locations. This is valid for one year (365 days).

Change location / store data? #

Look here for more information about it customize your items.