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Using iCalendar

How can I add my iCal to my item? #

With a icalendter you can import reservations into your own calendar and therefore also link them to your reservations that you receive via other platforms such as Airbnb. This way you can synchronize all reservations and you will not get double bookings.

To add iCal to an item you need to be logged in to Caribbean Fun.

Hover over your name and then click on 'Items'. Here you will find an overview of your item(s).

Click on the third icon of 'iCal' to add your iCal to your item and synchronize your current reservations.

You will be prompted to export your iCal feed url or import your iCal from an external source. You can use the export feed url with your calendar system or link it to your other advertisements on other platforms. If you add this link to these ads, the calendars will be synchronized.

You can also import iCal feed urls, so you can enter the feed url from another website here. Click on 'Add New Source'. Enter the source name and source URL. See the example below on how to fill it in. Click on 'save and sync changes'. From that moment on, the calendars of both systems are linked and synchronized.