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Add companies

How can I add a company? #

To add an item you need to log in to your account or a create an account. Then click on the 'Add' button at the top right of the menu bar.

Choose 'Add companies':

After this you complete all the steps that are indicated. Finally, you check all your data and you can publish the item.

What are the possibilities? #

Contact details #

Post your contact and address details with your company. This way guests can easily reach you. Try to link social media as much as possible with contact details, so that you can also get extra followers.

Opening hours #

Want to let guests know when you're open? Then you can add opening hours, but also incorporate breaks in your opening hours.

prices #

Do you offer services or products at fixed rates? Place this directly with your item so guests know what they are going to pay.

What are the costs? #

Listing your company is completely free. Do you have multiple companies you want to add? You can then opt for the 5 extra companies package, which allows you to add 6 companies for a small fee.

Change company details? #

Look here for more information about it customize your items.