Add property

How can I add an accommodation? #

To add an item you need to log in to your account or a create an account. Then click the 'Add' button in the top right corner of the menu bar next to your name.

Choose the 'Accommodations':

After this you complete all the steps that are indicated. Finally, you check all your data and you can publish the item on the platform!

How does the reservation system work? #

After you add an accommodation and it has been approved, it will be live on the platform. Visitors to the platform can now book your accommodation. You determine yourself which dates are available to be booked and of course the associated rates.

Look here for more information about enter available dates.

After a guest has placed a reservation on the platform, you will immediately receive an email with the request to approve the reservation within 48 hours. Once approved, the guest will receive a confirmation and the guest can make the required deposit. For accommodations, the deposit is the entire amount of the accommodation (100% of the reservation) so that you as a provider do not run the risk if a guest does not show up.

When the full deposit is received, the reservation is final. The payment of the deposit is made the day after the arrival of the guest(s) on the bank account specified by you.

What are the possibilities? #

iCalendar #

Connect our booking calendar to other booking sites for free and easily via iCalendar. For example, after a successful booking, the dates are automatically blocked in all your calendars and you don't have to do anything manually. Go to your items and choose the third 'iCalendar' icon.

Price per guest or total price #

You can indicate whether the base price for the total number of guests per night, or that the price per guest per night is.

Weekend and seasonal rates #

In addition to the standard price per night, you can set other prices for the weekend and desired periods. For example, think of the summer holidays or the Christmas period.

Add security deposit #

If you want your guests to pay a deposit, you can do this directly online. Then this does not have to be arranged upon the arrival of the guest(s).

Add additional options and/or costs #

You can add additional options and costs at the property. Think of mandatory cleaning costs, optional pick-up and delivery service, etc.

What are the costs? #

Placing an accommodation is completely free! However, the costs differ per package:

Free package #

With the free package you place an accommodation completely free of charge. You can add as many as you want. There are therefore no costs if no reservation is made.

With the free package with a successful reservation, a commission of 8% is applied from the deposit.

Paid package #

A paid package is valid for one year and for one accommodation. If you want to add more accommodations, you can purchase this package more often. The advantage of a paid package is that no commission is charged for a successful reservation.

Change accommodation details? #

Look here for more information about it customize your items.